Hi-res Metrics

IU’s record-keeping systems are robust, but data in raw form are often impractical for administrators. Academic Metrics 360 (AM360), a flagship project of IU’s Decision Support Initiative (DSI), exists to bridge that gap.

AM360 provides a 360-degree view into the health of academic units through a series of dashboards and data visualizations. The project turns IU’s vast stores of academic data into useful information, delivered in real time.

M.A. Venkataramanan, vice provost for finance and strategy for the IU Bloomington campus, uses the set of AM360 dashboards to support strategic planning for the campus. He finds AM360 particularly helpful to guide deans as they seek to understand the fiscal health of their schools and address the challenges they face.

Because AM360 pulls information from IU’s finance system, the human resources application, and the student information system, it gives Venkataramanan access to important data with just a few clicks. He can see how each academic unit on campus is earning and spending money, where students are using credit hours, and even how well units are managing waitlists to ensure that students can get into the classes they need to graduate.

“It allows me to run the campus from the academic side,” Venkataramanan said.

AM360 by the numbers

62demonstrations of AM360 given to university stakeholders

19dashboards in use by IU units

2,500the average number of times per month AM360 workbooks are used